What is screen time and web filtering?

Screen time and web filtering, also known as mobile or in-home controls, can be customized to block websites, apps, and internet services.

You can apply different rules for different devices, for different times of the day, and for school nights versus weekends. 

With Bark's screen time and web filtering features, you can...

  • Block apps and sites (like Snapchat or www.badsite.com)
  • Set rules for blocking or allowing whole categories of apps and sites (like sexual content)
  • Schedule when your kids can access particular apps and sites (like no YouTube during school hours)
  • Turn off the internet when needed (while still allowing texts and calls)
  • Lock on SafeSearch on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and YouTube

What is the difference between "monitoring" and "screen time"?

Bark's award-winning monitoring tool scans and analyzes your children's texts, photos, videos, social media, and more. We alert you if we detect self-harm, violence, predators, sexual content, or other concerning issues so that you can have important conversations with your child (learn more).

Bark's screen time and web filtering features block or allow access to apps and sites (learn more).

What devices are compatible with screen time features?

Mobile screen time controls are available for Androids, iPhones, iPads, and Chromebooks.

In-home screen time controls are available for any device connected to your home Wi-Fi network when you set up the Bark Home device or a router with Bark built-in

What browsers are compatible with screen time features?

All browsers are compatible with screen time and web filtering, like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

How do I set up mobile screen time controls?

When you install the Bark Kids app on your children's devices, you can then block apps and sites whether they're connected to the home Wi-Fi, a different network, or cellular data.

Get their devices set up with these guides:

android.svg  Instructions for Androids

apple_icon.svg  Instructions for iPhones and iPads

laptop chromebookpng.png  Instructions for Chromebooks

Want instructions for other devices? Bark can block apps and sites on any device connected to your home Wi-Fi if you add a Bark Home to your home router.

How do I set up in-home screen time controls?

When you activate the Bark Home or a router with Bark built-in, you gain the power to block apps and sites on all of the internet-connected devices in your home (like Smart TVs, computers, gaming consoles, phones, tablets, and more). This brings our app blocking features to more than just mobile devices.

Get in-home filtering set up by following these guides:

  1. Set up in-home filtering for the first time
  2. Set up screen time controls on your family's devices

Where do I go to block apps and set screen time schedules?

We've got these guides to help you manage your app-blocking rules like a pro:

Need troubleshooting help?

We're sorry to hear you're running into trouble with your child's app and site blocking!

Check out this guide for help with common questions:

Troubleshooting screen time & filtering