How to Set Up Screen Time on iOS


To learn more about Bark's Screen Time & Web Filtering, also known as on-the-go controls, see here

Watch this video to learn how to set up on-the-go web filtering on an iOS device. If you'd like some additional tips — or if the video doesn't play — follow the step-by-step instructions written below.

NOTE: If you're on a subscription plan that includes content monitoring, you also need to install the Bark Desktop App on a computer to monitor your child's iOS device texts, photos, videos, and more. 

STEP 1: Install the Bark Kids app on your child's iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It looks like this:

STEP 2: Open the Bark Kids app.
On the login screen, you will enter your Bark parent credentials to associate your child's device with your account.

NOTE: If you are getting an error logging in, check that your child's device is connected to the internet and try again. If still no luck, go to your parent/guardian device to reset your Bark password.


STEP 3: Select the child that uses this device. 

NOTE: If it's a shared device, consider adding a child to your account named "Family iPad", for example.

STEP 4: When asked about installing a VPN, review the prompt carefully, and when ready, tap Allow.

  • A second window will open to confirm you'd like to add Bark's VPN, and you will tap Allow when ready.
  • After you do so, your child will see that a VPN is installed at the top right of their device. On newer devices, this may go away after a few seconds, but you can always find it in the device's Settings app under General > VPN. The Bark VPN is what enforces your web filtering / screen time rules for this child.

STEP 5: Tap on the Check-In button. 

  • When asked about enabling Location Services, tap Allow.
  • Then, tap the Check-In button again, and this time, it will actually be able to send you your child's location via email, text, and/or app notification.
This will help you request Check-Ins from your child. For more information on the Check-Ins feature, see here.
🚧 NOTE: Do not log out of the Bark Kids app or filtering / screen time will be impacted. 🚧

Last step: Set your Time Zone in your Parent / Guardian Dashboard

Now you can tap the Home button on your child's device and set it aside.
Navigate to your dashboard, select Account Settings from the dropdown menu on the top right, and set/verify your time zone:


Congratulations! 🎉

From your Bark dashboard, you will now see the device has been associated with your child under their profile. Here is an example:


NOTE: If you're on a subscription plan that includes content monitoring, you need to install the Bark Desktop App on a computer to monitor your child's iOS device texts, photos, videos, and more. Doing so will then change the symbol next to Content monitoring to a green checkmark.

Best Practices

Consider talking to your child about Bark and why the Bark Kids app needs to remain installed. 

Don't worry, if somehow the app stops working or is deleted, we'll notify you via email, text, and/or the parent app.

If you'd like to be proactive and prevent the Bark Kids app from being uninstalled, consider using iOS Screen Time to do the following:

  • Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > iTunes and App Store Purchases > Deleting Apps > Don’t Allow
    NOTE: If you haven’t set up iOS Screen Time, see here for instructions. 

Managing Screen Time & Web Filtering Rules

Manage web filters, block apps, and more from your Bark dashboard. Click here for more information: Set Rules & Limits

How do I monitor the texts, photos, videos for worrisome content?

If you have content monitoring included in your Bark subscription, then you will follow some additional steps to get your child's iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch texts and photos monitored. Click the button below for a guide and help video: Set Up Content Monitoring on Child's iOS Device


Need additional assistance?

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