Getting Started with Bark


In this article, you'll learn how to start using Bark to block apps and sites, get alerts about potential issues, and more.

Bark set-up checklist

1️⃣ Create your Bark account

  1. Sign up for your free trial or log in to your existing Bark account.
  2. Add your children.
    They must be under 18 and your legal dependents.
  3. Select the email, social media, and device(s) your children use.
    Bark will walk you through setting them up. But don't worry — you can always add more devices later.  
  4. Add your credit card.
    The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires us to request consent to monitor your children's accounts and devices. We do this by verifying you're an adult with a credit card. You won't be billed until the end of your free trial. You can change your plan or cancel at any time.
  5. Choose contacts for alerts.
    Add yourself and the other people (like a spouse or family member) you'd like to receive Bark alerts. 

2️⃣ Block or allow websites and apps

Install the Bark Kids app so you can set up screen time and web filtering on their devices.

Click on a guide below to get started:

(iPhone, iPad, iPod)

(Phones and Tablets)

Bark Phone

Amazon Fire*


(MacBook, PlayStation, etc.)

*Require a Bark Home or router with Bark built- in.

3️⃣ Schedule screen time routines


Manage your rules & filters for each child under the screen time tile:

  • We apply some basic protections based on your child's age.
  • Customize their rules & filters under ⚙ Settings.
  • Set up different rules for particular times of the day or days of the week by clicking on 📅 Schedule ➕ button to add a new routine.
  • To keep it simple, just focus on the default_rules_wifi_icon.png Default Rules routine.
  • Learn more about managing screen time routines.

4️⃣ Monitor their devices

Follow additional steps to start monitoring your child's devices and get alerts. Bark will scan texts, photos, videos, and many apps for potential issues.*

Click on a guide below to get started:

*What exactly is monitored varies by device.

5️⃣ Connect social media platforms and apps for monitoring

You get an unlimited number of apps and devices you can monitor with a Premium subscription, meaning you can monitor unlimited Android devices, unlimited Instagram accounts, and more. 

Connect accounts for each child under their monitoring tile:

  1. Under Monitoring, scroll down to +Add new app.
  2. Click the type of social media or email account you'd like to connect to Bark.
  3. Choose your connection method. You or your child can connect accounts.
    Do I need my child's login information for every account?
    No, not necessarily. We'll let you know what is needed to monitor a particular platform, since every app is designed differently. 
  4. During the connection process, click Allow if prompted. 
  5. Repeat these steps for any other accounts and devices your child has.
    connect_gmail_1.png connect_gmail_2.png connect_gmail_3.png
    ⚠️ Having trouble connecting? Check out our troubleshooting solutions

6️⃣ Download the app for parents

Get quick access to your dashboard!

Download the Bark app for parents and guardians:



7️⃣ Explore your dashboard!

You did it! You got through the first-time setup! You can add or remove accounts whenever you like at no additional cost. 

Want comprehensive protection?

  1. Connect more devices & accounts.
  2. Upgrade insight to your child's world with the Bark Phone.
  3. Block apps and sites on all devices on your home Wi-Fi with the Bark Home.