Bark Phone Replacements and Returns

Phones damaged by accident

When accidents happen (e.g. cracked screen), you have a few options:

  • Get it repaired at a local cell phone repair business
    Please note that due to our security policies, third parties may not be granted access to Developer Mode. Before visiting, inquire if Developer Mode access is required for their services. However, many service providers can repair cracked screens without needing this access.
  • Get a replacement
    This will allow your child to keep the same phone number. The cost for a replacement is $199 for a brand new phone. Make sure to back up their data before ordering.
  • Order a new phone and cancel the old line
    A new phone number will be assigned to your child's new phone. Make sure to back up their data before canceling the old line.

Phones damaged upon receipt

If your Bark Phone arrives damaged, please contact the original retailer.

If the original retailer is Bark, please contact us with the details as soon as possible from the date of delivery. We may request you provide proof of purchase. Once we’ve investigated the issue, we will provide you with a free shipping label and additional instructions for the return in accordance with our terms.

Phones that are defective

If your Bark Phone fails to power on or has some other hardware defect, please contact the original retailer for information on their return, refund, or exchange policy.

If your retailer was unable to exchange or refund the purchase, or if the phone was purchased directly from Bark, reach out to us with the details. Including pictures or videos in the request is always helpful! We will then evaluate whether it is a hardware defect and whether your device meets the criteria for our limited warranty detailed in our terms.

When returning a phone due to our limited warranty, please make sure:

  • Phone, accessories, and original packaging are included in the return
  • The RMA number is included on the outside carton label of the return
  • All phones are returned in "good condition”

Note: If upon inspection of the return, we find there is damage to the phone, you may be subject to an additional fee per our terms.

Damage explanations

Good condition Phone is in good condition and no repair is required. No fee is charged.
Repairable damage Phone has minor cosmetic damage and requires buff and polish or replacement of parts (e.g., scratched/cracked screen or plastic).
Non-repairable damage or unreturned Phone is beyond repair (e.g., liquid damage, bent frame, internal crack) or was not sent back.


Phones that are lost or stolen

We're so sorry to hear that your kid lost their Bark Phone! Here's what you can do in those situations:

  1. Try using Bark, Google, or Samsung to find the phone's last detected location.
  2. If you're concerned someone stole it, you can also pause the device to remotely lock it down.
  3. If you're still having no luck, you have these options:

Start a return

First, determine where you ordered the Bark Phone — either from or from Look for your order confirmation email to tell. You can also check if it's listed in your Bark orders or your Amazon Orders to determine where you ordered it originally.

Return to Amazon

Here's how to return the Bark Phone to Amazon.

Have questions about shipping or returns? Reach out to Amazon Support.

Need help setting up the Bark Phone? Reach out to Bark Support.

Return to Bark

To start a return, cancel your Bark Phone service, and you'll continue to have access to all features until the end of your paid billing period. At the end of your paid billing period...

  • The Bark Phone will get all apps grayed out.
  • If you're still leasing the Bark Phone at that point, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to return the device.
  • If you own the Bark Phone outright by the time your account is canceled, you can keep the device, and no return will be necessary. You can even send us a request to remove Bark from the phone to use it as a regular phone.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're always happy to help! 

Note: If upon inspection of a return, we find there is damage to the phone, you may be subject to an additional fee per our terms.

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