FAQ: Photos & Videos


Does Bark monitor photos and videos?

With Bark Premium, you can monitor images and videos on your children's:

Not only does Bark scan the photos and videos stored on these devices, but it also scans photos and videos sent and received in text messages, emails, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and some social media platforms. This includes images and videos taken using the device's camera, screenshots your child takes, as well as downloaded content from websites and apps (like a saved meme).

Bark analyzes the media for nudity, violence, and other inappropriate content (including layered text added later). If Bark finds an image or video that you would want to be aware of, we'll send you an alert via email, text message, or in-app along with a copy of it for your reference*.

* The exception to this are images and videos containing child nudity.

Can I see a comprehensive list of all my kid's pictures and videos?

No. While families don’t get access to every single picture and video, Bark does send alerts for issues like bullying, self-harm, and sexual predators detected in your kid's saved photos and videos. This includes a copy of the alarming content, as well as recommended actions to help you handle the situation. Here’s some tips on how to talk to your child about Bark.

How quickly are alerts about pictures and videos sent?

The analysis of pictures and videos for alerts is not instant due to the large amount of data processing involved. Our software not only examines the photos and videos, it also analyzes the accompanying text and audio for issues. 

What do I do if I received an alert with "This Image May Contain Child Nudity"?

When you receive an alert that states an image may contain potential nudity of a minor, we’ll display a blank placeholder since we have to delete the image from our servers. If you want more information, check your child's device to evaluate the situation and take next steps.