What is Bark Home?


What can Bark Home do?

  • Turn off the internet when needed on all Wi-Fi connected devices in the home (including Smart TVs, gaming consoles, cell phones, tablets, and more)
  • Set a schedule of different daily rules for school nights and weekends
  • Block apps and websites
  • Block categories of apps and websites (such as social media, streaming, gaming, and sexual content)
  • Customize each family member's rules and limits
  • Supports high speeds with a 1Gbps ethernet port

If your subscription plan also includes content monitoring, you also get monitoring of 30+ of the most popular apps and social media platforms.


What routers are compatible?

Before you purchase a Bark Home, check that your router is compatible here.

Not compatible with your home router? Bark can still help keep your family safe with our apps available for Android and iOS.


How do I get it?

You can purchase Bark Home from Amazon.com
Bark is an Amazon Associate and may earn from qualifying purchases.


How do I get set up?

Set Up Bark Home


How do I manage the screen time & filtering rules?

Manage Screen Time Rules


Have additional questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us at help@bark.us.