Bark Home Profiles



When you purchase and activate the Bark Home, you will now have the opportunity to assign devices to different profiles. These profiles represent a set of screen time rules that will apply to any device assigned to that profile. You can always reassign devices to a new profile in your Devices page.


This is the profile that newly detected devices are assigned to by default.

In our efforts to have a baseline level of protection for any device joining your Wi-Fi network for the first time, it blocks Sexual Content apps/sites and enforces SafeSearch.

If you need help identifying a device, see here for more information.


Anonymous Devices

You may one day notice a sub-section of the Unmanaged profile that is labeled "Anonymous Devices." This is a profile only present for Bark Home users that have "unknown" devices that Bark couldn't automatically identify.


Click into each device and look to see if it has a notice at the top about "private address." If it does, follow these steps.

Otherwise, use this guide to identify the unknown device(s).


If there's a device you don't want to filter, you can assign it to Ignored. Parents and guardians will often ignore their personal phones, for example.

If you ever need to re-assign an Ignored device, click Devices on the top > Unmanaged > scroll down to Ignored Devices:



If there are devices that are used by multiple people, you may wish to assign them to Shared. Families will often assign shared computers, gaming consoles, and/or Smart TVs to this profile.

However, if a family wants to break that down even further to be able to assign different rules to different shared devices, families can create a custom home profile.



Because each family has different needs, Bark grants you the ability to create custom profiles. You can choose to create a child profile and/or a home profile.

To do so, scroll down on your Bark dashboard to +Add Child / Add Profile. You will then select the profile type and name the profile. 



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