Set Up a Bark Home for the First Time

First-time Setup 

This article and video covers the first-time setup of the Bark Home.

If you've already activated your Bark Home, reference this guide instead.

Before Getting Started


  1. Plug the Bark Home power cord into an outlet near your router.
  2. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to a LAN port of your router and the other end to the LAN port on your Bark Home (if you have multiple ports, select the LAN1 port). Depending on your router, the LAN port may be named Ethernet instead.
  3. Wait a few minutes.
  4. Head to on a device on the home Wi-Fi (computers are great!) to complete the setup of your Bark Home. If all goes well, the setup process will eventually prompt you to assign devices to particular profiles and set your rules.
  5. (optional): Monitor your children's iPhones and iPads' text messages, photos, and videos by following this guide: How to Monitor iOS Devices with the Bark Homebarkhomepic.png


Need additional assistance?

Reference this help article: LED Lights on the Bark Home.

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