How to set up the Bark Home

This article and video cover the first-time setup of the Bark Home.

If you've already set up the Bark Home, check out this guide to configure your in-home devices with app blocking and screen time features.

Before you get started

  • Set up the Bark Home during a quiet time when most of your family isn't actively using their devices for work or school.
  • If you have a mesh network, follow these steps instead: Set up the Bark Home on a mesh network

Set up the Bark Home

  1. Find the wifi-solid.svg Wi-Fi router in your home.
    wifi Have multiple routers?
    Review this guide for tips on setting up Bark Home on the correct router.
  2. Look at the top, side, or bottom of your router for a label that lists its make and model.
  3. Check whether your router make and model needs special settings adjustments.
  4. Make those adjustments, if needed.
  5. Then, turn on your family's devices and connect them to your home Wi-Fi network.
    wifi Some devices aren't around right now?
    It's okay, you can set them up later!
  6. Plug the Bark Home plug-circle-bolt-solid power cord into an outlet near your router.
  7. Use the ethernet-solid ethernet cable to connect the LAN port of your router to the LAN port of your Bark Home (the port may be named "Ethernet" on some routers). If you have multiple ports, select the LAN1 or Ethernet1 port.
  8. Wait a few minutes.
  9. On a device connected to your home Wi-Fi, such as a computer, open a web browser and head to
  10. When prompted, sign into your existing Bark account. If you don't have one, choose the option to create one.
    ⛔ Don't see this because Bark Home is "undetected"?
    Let's start by checking the LED lights.
  11. You'll then assign devices to profiles and set your screen time rules. Here's how to identify and rename your devices for easy management.
  12. (optional): Get alerts about potential problems found in your children's iPhone and iPad text messages, photos, and videos by following this guide: Monitor iOS Devices with the Bark Home

Need more help with the first-time setup?

We've got your back! Check out our troubleshooting guide