Time to Set Up

Bark offers layered protection. This means we have different levels of coverage for your child's devices (think phone, tablet), accounts (think Gmail, Instagram), and shared devices (think Xbox, home computer)

We recommend first setting up the devices that your child has access to, followed by connecting their personal accounts and shared devices.

Connecting your child’s email and social media accounts to Bark with your child's login credentials only takes a few minutes

Connecting devices may take up to 15 minutes per device, depending on the type of device. Android and Amazon devices take less time to set up than Apple/iOS devices. Apple/iOS devices tend to take about 30 minutes to set up per device.

If you're setting up the Bark Home, it may take up to an hour to go through identifying devices and applying your rules. You can always take a break and come back to us at any time!

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Need assistance with setup?

Check out our first-time setup guide for Bark Premium or Bark Jr! You can also reach out to us if you run into any snags along the way.

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