Managing Rules for the Bark Phone

The Bark Phone gives families features like time limits for app usage, app approval, contact approval, and more.

Check out our video playlist on how to get the most out of your Bark Phone.

How to manage rules

To manage a Bark Phone from your parent app / dashboard, tap on the Bark Phone tile.mceclip0.png

Within the Bark Phone menu, you can manage these settings:

sms.svg Text

play_store.svg App Store

contacts.svg Contacts

camera.svg Camera

clock_icon_dashboard.png Time Limits

alarm_icon_dashboard.png Alarms

browser.svg Browser

apps.svg Sites & Apps

pause.svg Pause

settings.svg Settings 

💡 Pro Tip

Schedule routines for automatic rules changes within the Screen Time tile:

screen_time.svg Screen Time & Filtering Rules

switch_mono.svg Routines