Uninstall Protection

Learn what protections Bark has to prevent our apps from being deleted from your kid’s phone or tablet.

My kid has Bark Premium or Bark Jr

  • Androids — The Bark Kids app and the Bark VPN are password protected with a device code.
    Just installed Bark Kids? Wait 5 minutes before testing uninstall protection.
  • iPhones and iPads You can prevent the Bark Kids app from being uninstalled by using Apple's Screen Time controls.
    What about the Bark VPN? Apple doesn't let you lock down the Bark VPN settings, which we use to block apps and sites. Send them feedback to let them know this should be changed.

My kid has a Bark Phone

The Bark Kids app comes built into the Bark Phone and can’t be deleted. Plus, settings are automatically password-protected with a device code that only parents have access to.

Just used a device code to grant access to restricted settings? It will grant access for 5 minutes before it restricts settings again.

With the Bark Phone you can also prevent your kid from uninstalling their apps, allow your kid to only install apps with your approval, and/or delete apps from their phone if you change your mind about their access.