How to set up the Bark Phone

Congrats on your kid's new Bark Phone! Here's our quick-start guide.

  1. On the Bark Phone, press and hold the power button on the top right. (If it won't turn on, plug it in to charge it for a bit). 
    🔌 Where's the charging brick?
    Samsung no longer includes bricks with their phones as a way to minimize their impact on the environment. You can plug in the charging cord to a power brick or computer you already own.
  2. When the phone turns on, swipe up to unlock it.
  3. Now, on your own phone, visit
  4. Log in with the email address you used to order the phone.
  5. Follow the prompts on your phone to finish setup.

That's it! 🎉

You've now set up the Bark Phone for your child. You can hand it to them whenever you're ready!

Managing Rules for the Bark Phone

Tap the Bark Phone tile on your parent dashboard / app to manage what your kid can do on it.


Learn more below:

Monitoring other devices and accounts

When you get a Bark Phone, you also get a Bark subscription for your entire family. This means you can monitor all of your children's accounts and devices (like other phones and tablets). Follow this guide to get started.

Reviewing Alerts

If Bark detects bullying, sexual content, depression, self-harm, or other worrisome content, we'll send you a notification.

Learn more about what makes Bark's content monitoring unique.

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