Prevent Bark Kids from being affected by battery settings on Pinwheel devices

Battery settings on your child's Pinwheel phone could be impacting Bark. Tired of keeping track of all your kid’s settings? Try our new Bark Phone — it’s not impacted by battery settings!

In the meantime, here’s how to check these settings on your kid's Pinwheel.

  1. On your kid's Pinwheel, swipe to the right.
  2. Tap Pinwheel Settings.
  3. Tap Always Run Pinwheel.
  4. Tap Allow.
    pinwheel battery optimization settings 2023.gif
  5. Then, swipe down from the top twice.
  6. Tap on the ⚙ Settings
  7. Tap on Apps.
  8. Tap on Bark.
  9. Enter your device code, if prompted.
  10. Tap Advanced.
  11. Tap Mobile data and Wi-Fi.
  12. Turn on Background data.
  13. Turn on Unrestricted data usage.
  14. Then, on your parent device, open the Pinwheel Portal.
  15. Tap on Apps.
  16. Search for Bark.
  17. Tap Manage.
  18. Allow Bark for all modes: