Bark Desktop App is not opening on Windows

The Bark Desktop App not opening on Windows can take the following forms:

  • Installation has failed.
    installation failed.png
    • This is a temporary issue from clicking on the Bark.exe file too much and too quickly. Click Close and wait a minute just in case the Bark app is already being installed.
    • If still no luck, try single-clicking on the Bark.exe file and then pressing the Enter key.
    • If you're still getting the above error, then it may mean the file you downloaded is corrupted. Download a new one here: Download Bark Desktop App
  • App doesn't open, or opens for a second and immediately disappears.
  • App opens as a blank screen.
  • A pop-up saying, "Your PC's settings only let it install verified apps from the Store."
    • Click on Open settings to adjust your system preferences to allow you to download the Bark Desktop App.
    • Make sure you have selected one of the options that say you can download applications from Anywhere, as seen below:
    • Then, try to open the Bark Desktop App again!



Still no luck?

We're here to help! Please reach out to us with screenshots of the issue and the steps you've tried.

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