Device is missing from Unmanaged profile

This article is for users who've set up a Bark Home (or a router with Bark built in).

If a device in your home is not appearing under the Unmanaged profile or under your other profiles, let's check a few things below.

  1. Double-check that the device is turned on and connected to your home Wi-Fi network (not a "guest" network or hotspot).
  2. Verify that the Bark Home (or router with Bark built in) is plugged in and set up.
  3. Turn off private address / randomized MAC on the device, if applicable.
  4. Then, visit on the device to see if it's already been assigned to a profile and/or been renamed.
  5. If needed, use that page to rename the device to something you recognize.
    Not seeing an "Edit" button?
    That means you’ve already edited the name on this page. To prevent confusion caused by frequent renaming, we remove the 'Edit' button after the initial edit. The good news is that you can still modify the name by using the advanced method of identifying devices available on your parent app / dashboard.
  6. Once you're done, assign that device to a profile.
  7. Customize rules for that profile, if needed.
  8. That's it! 🎉
    You've found the device and set up screen time management for it.