Bark alerts

Tackle digital safety together

Our alerts are meant to be used as an opportunity to connect, teach, and grow. Get tips on having difficult but important conversations with your kids.

To help make sure your family never misses an alert, you can add additional email addresses and phone numbers, to receive notifications as well. 

Ways to receive Bark alerts

Bark scans your child’s online activities and sends you an alert if there's a potential issue, such as bullying, depression, or sexting. You can choose how to receive these alerts — including push notifications, email alerts, and text alerts — or all of the above. 

Why doesn't Bark send alerts for all attempted blocked website visits?

Bark can block hundreds of sites in a short period of time. To avoid overwhelming you with every single blocked website or app, we only send notifications about blocked porn sites.

Don't worry, you can still check out the Insights tile in your dashboard / app to see the top categories of blocked sites each week.

How do I view my alert settings?

  1. Log into your Bark dashboard or app.
  2. Click on the v menu (computer) or the ≡ More menu (mobile).
  3. Tap on Alert Settings.
  4. Add your parent email(s) and/or phone number(s), not your kid's. 
  5. If you want them to also get alerts, add your spouse or family member's contact info here too.
  6. That's it! From this point forward, alert notifications will be sent to those contact methods.

What does an alert look like?

If Bark finds an issue, you’ll receive a notification along with a snippet of the conversation to review.

Check out our examples here:

Reviewing alerts

Find an alert

You can use the sorting filters at the top of your Alerts tab to sort by child, platform, and more.

Learn more:

Use filters to find alerts  

Adjust the sensitivity of alerts

You probably don't want to be alerted every time your child uses profanity or discusses weapons in video games. You can adjust alert sensitivity settings to help with this!

But don't worry, you'll always get alerts for more serious issues like suicide or predators.

Here’s how to review your kid's sensitivity settings:

Adjust alert sensitivity

Other Communications

Weekly Recap

Every Sunday you’ll get a report summarizing your children's activity that week.

Manage your preferences for this recap in your Alert Settings.

Conversation starters

You'll receive Conversation Starters occasionally, which can be used to spark engaging, informative, and sometimes hilarious chats with your kids.

Manage your preferences for conversation starters in your Alert Settings.

Family quizzes

We also have weekly Family Quizzes to test your knowledge of tech, slang, and more. Try doing one with your kid to see how you both do!

Manage your preferences for quizzes in your Alert Settings.