How to Set Up Bark on a Computer


What is monitored?

If you are on the Premium plan, your child's connected email and social media, like Twitter or Gmail, are monitored regardless of the device they are on — phone, tablet, or computer.

Connect Your Child’s Accounts for Monitoring

Bark can even alert you about potential new accounts or apps your child creates!

Furthermore, Bark monitors web browsing on Chrome and Edge — including website visits, searches, and incognito browsing — when you install the Bark extension for the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers on your child's Chromebook, Mac, or Windows computer.

Lastly, if you connect the Bark Home device to your home router, you can also filter the web on any computer or internet-connected device on your home network!

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What web browser(s) does your child use on their computer?

chrome.svg Google Chrome Browser

If your child uses Chrome on their Chromebook, Mac, or Windows computer, then you can follow these steps to monitor web browsing, including incognito browsing mode. This is available on the Bark Premium subscription plan.

Monitor Chrome on a Computer

edge.svg Microsoft Edge Browser

If your child uses Edge on their Windows or Mac computer, then you can follow these steps to monitor web browsing, including private browsing mode. This is available on the Bark Premium subscription plan.

Monitor Edge on a Computer

mceclip0.png Other Browsers or Apps

If your child does not use Edge nor Chrome on their computer, or if you simply want to filter more than just those apps, then consider the Bark Home device! You can block sites/apps on any browser and internet-connected device in the home (including gaming consoles, computers, and smart TVs).

Learn more about Bark Home

If you've already activated the Bark Home, now all you need to do is identify the computes and devices to start enforcing your rules!

If you do not have a Bark Home, consider uninstalling the other web browsers (or blocking them via the built-in parental controls) and only allowing your child to use a web browser that can be monitored by Bark.

For instructions on setting up the built-in Windows, Mac, or Chromebook parental controls, as well as all other available parental controls on the devices and digital services in your home, check out Barkomatic.

How do I know it's monitoring my child's web browsing?

If Bark is monitoring your child's web browsing on their computer, you should see a Chrome or Edge icon on the list of monitored devices and accounts for that child on your dashboard:

If you're worried about monitoring your child's web browsing on their phone or tablet, then make sure you've set up their phone or tablet for monitoring by following the guides below:

Monitor & Filter an Android Phone or Tablet

Filter an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

If Bark is filtering your family's internet-connected devices with the Bark Home, you should see a green checkmark next to them when selecting a profile under the Bark Home section of your dashboard.


Difference Between “Monitoring” and “Filtering”

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