How to set up Bark on computers

What web browser(s) does your child use on their computer?

chrome.svg Google Chrome Browser

Bark can monitor Chrome on your child’s Chromebook, Mac, or Windows computer.

Monitor Chrome on a Computer

edge.svg Microsoft Edge Browser

Bark can monitor Edge on your child's Windows or Mac computer.

Monitor Edge on a Computer

mceclip0.png Other Browsers or Apps

If you want to block websites on more than just computer browsers, the Bark Home can help! You can block sites/apps on any browser and internet-connected device in the home (including gaming consoles, computers, and smart TVs).

Learn more about Bark Home

I already have a Bark Home

Now all you need to do is identify the computers and devices to start setting rules that block or allow apps and sites!

I don't have a Bark Home

Consider uninstalling the other web browsers (or blocking them via the built-in parental controls) and only allowing your child to use a web browser that can be monitored by Bark.

For instructions on setting up the built-in Windows, Mac, or Chromebook parental controls, as well as all other available parental controls on the devices and digital services in your home, check out our Tech Guides.

How do I know a computer is protected?

  1. Open the Bark parent app / dashboard.
  2. Tap your kid's avatar at the top.
  3. Tap Monitoring.
    If Bark is monitoring your kid's computer browsing, you will see a Chrome or Edge icon with a green checkmark:
  4. Go back.
  5. Tap Screen Time.
  6. Tap Devices in blue at the top.
    If Bark is filtering your family's computers with the Bark Home, you will see a black Wi-Fi icon with a green checkmark:
    (Difference Between “Monitoring” and “Screen Time”)

What all can Bark do on computers?

Here's what Bark can do on different devices.