Do I need to leave my computer on to monitor iOS?

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If you're using the Bark Desktop App to monitor iPhone and iPad texts, photos, and videos, leave your computer on as much as possible. This allows the Bark Desktop App to scan your child's device when they're home and connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Set your computer to stay awake during large chunks of the day:

Does this mean that nothing is being monitored otherwise?

Not necessarily! If you've installed the Bark Kids app on their device, you can still block internet access to apps and sites wherever they are. In addition, any accounts you've connected to Bark with their login credentials continue to be scanned regardless of where they are.

Can I still turn off the display or monitor?

Yes, you can! Just make sure the computer isn't going to sleep, hibernating, or shutting down during the times you want it to scan your kid's iOS device.

What if I don't have a computer available regularly?

Consider using the Bark Home to monitor your kid's iOS devices in place of a computer.