Recommended Sleep/Wake Settings for Mac


The Bark Desktop App is set to automatically analyze your child's iOS device texts, photos, and more when it detects the child's iOS device over Wi-Fi and it has been longer than 6 hours since the last analysis for that device. However, the analyses will not happen automatically if the computer is asleep, turned off, or if the lid is closed. 

In this article, we will be looking at the sleep settings on your Mac to ensure your child's iOS device continues to be monitored for worrisome activity as often as possible. 

NOTE: These steps may vary slightly on older versions of Mac.

Get started

STEP 1: Click on the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen and select System Preferences. 

STEP 2: Select Energy Saver. In newer versions of Mac, this may be called Battery.



Energy Saver (Older Macs)

Battery (Newer Macs)

STEP 3: Under both Battery or Power Adapter adjust the slider under "Turn display off after..." to 3 hours or Never.


STEP 4: Under both Battery and Power Adapter settings, remove the checkmark ⬜ next to Put hard disks to sleep when possible.


STEP 5: Under both Battery and Power Adapter settings, add a checkmark ☑️ next to Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off.


STEP 6: Under both Battery and Power Adapter settings, add a checkmark ☑️ next to Wake for network access.


Optional Step: Click on Schedule...

You will find the Schedule button at the bottom right of the window. 

This is where you'll schedule a time for your Mac to turn on every day. Again, every family is different, but we recommend at least a 12 hour window that the computer is turned on. Automatic analyses cannot occur while the computer is asleep or turned off.

Click OK and exit System Preferences. It's as simple as that!

Need help or have additional questions?

We are happy to assist! Reach out to Bark Support, and we'll help every step of the way.