Bark Suggested Products

We’ve gathered some of the most popular accessories that make Bark work best for your family.

Bark Phone

Need accessories for the Bark Phone? You've come to the right place.

usb-c_icon.png Samsung charging cable (USB-C to USB-C)

The recommended charging cable for the Bark Phone.

plug-circle-bolt-solid__1_.svg Samsung wall charger (USB-C, 25W)

The recommended wall charger for the Bark Phone.

sd-card-solid.svg 1TB microSD card

Your child is a budding videographer? They may need extra storage on the Bark Phone.

bark_phone.svg Glass screen protector (A13 or A14)

A little extra protection for your kid's Bark Phone. Depending on your Bark Phone model, you'll select the A13 screen protector or the A14 screen protector.

iOS Monitoring

Need more storage on your computer or help finding Apple data transfer cables used for Bark's iOS monitoring? These can help!

usb-c_icon.png USB-C adapter

Some computers only have USB-C ports (the elliptical ones). This adapter allows you to use USB-A cables (the rectangular ones) on the USB-C ports of your computer.

usb_hub_icon_3.png USB-C hub

Gives you all of the benefits of a USB-C adapter but with more ports!

hard-drive-solid.svg 1TB Portable SSD

If you're running low on computer storage, you may have gotten an error when monitoring your kid's iPhones and iPads with Bark. Consider adding a portable external hard drive like this one for more storage.

lightning_cable_icon_2.png Apple Lightning to USB-A cable

This will connect your children's iPhones and iPads to the USB-A ports (the rectangular ones) on a computer, Bark Home, or wall charger.

lightning_cable_icon_2.png Apple Lightning to USB-C cable

This will connect your children's iPhones and iPads to the USB-C ports (the elliptical ones) on a computer or wall charger.

Bark Home

Lost a cable or ran out of ethernet ports? Check out these products.

usb-c_icon.pngMicro-USB charging cable

A replacement for the power cable that came with your Bark Home.

ethernet-solid__1_.svg Ethernet cable

A replacement for the ethernet network cable that came with your Bark Home.

server-solid.svg 5-Port ethernet switch

This will add 5 ethernet ports to your router if necessary for your network setup and hardware.

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