How to prevent your kid from deleting Bark

It can be frustrating if your child is deleting Bark, but it also means they’re not being protected. Here’s how to help prevent it.


The latest versions of the app set up uninstall protection with a device code. This code also protects important settings, like accessibility and VPNs, that only you can control.

Prevent your kid from deleting Bark Kids 

  1. Check that the bark_kids_app.png Bark Kids app on your child’s device is up to date.
  2. Make sure accessibility for Bark is enabled.
    Just installed Bark Kids? Wait 5 minutes before testing uninstall protection.
  3. Some Androids have the ability to add multiple user profiles, which means your kid could switch to a new user profile with no protections. Check and disable this setting with these steps:
    • Open their Settings app.
    • Tap System.
    • Tap Multiple users.
    • Toggle off the ability to allow multiple users.
    • Optional: Use family_link_logo.png Google Family Link along with Bark to prevent your kid from adding multiple user profiles to the device. Alternatively, you can get the bark_phone.svg Bark Phone which locks all of those settings down by default.

iPhones and iPads

We recommend using Apple's Screen Time, which lets you prevent your child from deleting apps without your permission.

Some things to note

  • Apple doesn't let you lock down the Bark Kids app VPN settings, which we use to block apps and sites. Send them feedback on this limitation of their Screen Time settings.
  • Talk to your child about the importance of keeping Bark enabled on their iPhone or iPad.
  • If this continues to be a problem, consider the Bark Phone! The Bark Kids app and Bark VPN come built-in and cannot be deleted.