Sometimes, you just need to know your kid’s exact location. Bark lets you request a check-in and you’ll get the address of where they’re currently located!

We even give you Google Maps directions so that you can get to their location with step-by-step directions!

Set up check-ins

  1. On your kid's Android or iOS device, install the bark Bark Kids app.
  2. Open their Settings app.
  3. Turn on Location Services.
  4. On your parent dashboard, tap the v menu (desktop) or ☰ More (mobile).
  5. Tap Alert Settings.
  6. Toggle on notifications for check-ins.

How your kid can check-in

  1. Open the bark Bark Kids app.
  2. Tap Check In

Request a check-in from your kid

  1. On your parent dashboard, tap Family Map.
  2. Tap your kid.
  3. Tap Request check-in at the top.
  4. Your kid will then get a push notification with the request: mceclip0.png
  5. Your kid can tap on the notification or manually open the Bark Kids app to tap the Check-In button:

Review check-ins

On your parent app / dashboard by tapping on Location under your kid.

We also send you check-in alerts via email, text, or push notification. Double check your Alert Settings.

Inaccurate check-in location

If your child’s location doesn’t look right, their GPS needs to be recalibrated. Learn more:

Calibrate Location

Location alerts vs Check-ins

Both check-ins and location alerts are part of Bark's location features. However, they have a couple of differences.

Check-ins can be sent by the child wherever they are by tapping the pink check-in button on their Bark Kids app. They are a one-time confirmation of the child's device location at that time.

Location alerts, on the other hand, let you set addresses that will automatically alert you when the child arrives and leaves those locations. Follow this guide to also set up location alerts:

Set Up Location Alerts