How to Monitor Microsoft Edge on Computers


This article is for Bark subscribers whose subscription plan includes content monitoring. If you'd like to set up screen time & web filtering on a computer, gaming console, etc., you will need Bark Home.

Get Started

STEP 1: Log in as your child on their computer.

STEP 2: Make sure you have the latest version of Edge Edge by downloading it from

STEP 3: Sign into Edge with your child's email account.

  • To sign in with an email account, click the top right circle in Edge > select Sign In > sign in with your child's Microsoft account.

If your child's account is already signed in, proceed to the next step.

STEP 4: Connect your child's email account(s) to Bark for monitoring on your dashboard.
This is an important step in getting the web browsing monitoring set up because it allows our system to identify your child's web browser as their own. 

  • If the email ends in or uses Gmail to view the inbox, select Gmail
  • If the email ends in or uses Outlook to view the inbox, select Outlook.

STEP 5: If applicable, remember to log out of your Bark parent dashboard on your child's Edge web browser.
STEP 6: Navigate to the Edge Add-ons site on your child's Microsoft Edge browser.Screen_Shot_2021-05-25_at_3.39.47_PM.png

STEP 7: Search Bark, find Bark for Microsoft Edge, and select Get.

  • At the prompt showing permissions required by the extension, review the permissions, and select the Add extension button. You'll see a final prompt confirming the extension has been added.
  • Click on the Bark dog at the top right > Manage Extensions
  • Enable the Allow in In-Private option. This allows Bark to monitor your child's web browsing even when they are in incognito / private mode.

STEP 8: Return to the Edge Add-ons Store on your child's Microsoft Edge browser.

STEP 9: Search Bark for Microsoft Edge Watchdog, find it in the results, and select Get.


STEP 10: Click on the Bark for Chrome Watchdog extension on the top right, and select Manage Extensions.

STEP 11: Enable the Allow in In-Private option.

This allows Bark to monitor your child's web browsing even when they are in incognito / private mode.

STEP 12: Browse 5 - 10 webpages on your child's Microsoft Edge browser so that Bark can start analyzing web browsing activities and reflect on your Bark dashboard. Any sites will do!

STEP 13: Hide the extensions from the address bar (optional).

While we encourage parents and kids to have discussions about Bark, we understand the desire to keep the Bark extensions somewhat hidden.

To do so, click on each of the two Bark extensions, and click Move to Menu.


STEP 14: Repeat the steps above for any other children that use this computer.

Congratulations! 🎉

You are now monitoring web browsing and searches on your child's Microsoft Edge browser going forward

Remember to connect the Google or Microsoft accounts that your child uses on the computer to Bark. To connect these accounts (like Outlook and Gmail), check out this article.

NOTE: After the first-time setup of the Bark extensions, Edge web browsing may take some time to reflect on your Bark dashboard.

Best Practices

  • Consider talking to your child about why the Bark extensions should remain installed on their Edge browser. We will also alert you in the event we detect that either of the extensions were uninstalled.
  • Consider setting up the built-in Windows 10 Parental Controls.
  • For greatest protection while your child accesses the web and other apps on their computer, consider purchasing the Bark Home, which allows you to filter the web, set up screen time schedules, and block apps/sites on any computer or internet device in your home.

How do I know if monitoring is working?

If Bark is monitoring your child's Edge browsing on their computer, you should see an Edge icon on the list of connected devices and accounts for that child when you click View Profile for the child:


Reviewing Alerts Found

If Bark detects instances of cyberbullying, sexual content, self-harm, or other worrisome content in your child's Chrome web browsing, we will send you an alert.

Learn more here about what makes Bark's content monitoring unique.

Will I get alerted if the extension is removed?

Yes! As of May 2021, we have introduced uninstall alerts for both extensions. If we detect either extension has been removed, we will alert you! Here's an example of what that alert may look like in your dashboard:



Need additional help?

We have troubleshooting solutions here! If you're still having issues setting up your child's Edge monitoring, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.