What sets Bark’s monitoring feature apart?


What sets Bark apart from other services is our advanced monitoring system. Some companies use the term “monitoring” to mean “keep an eye on.” Many simply send reports on usage and screen stats. 

Bark, on the other hand, uses advanced AI to scan your children's online activities — like text messages, social media posts, Google Drive files, and many more — to look for potential dangers. We do this by looking at the context, not just keywords or phrases.

Our AI is constantly adapting to the way kids and teens talk, search, and share in their digital worlds. As an example, our algorithms are able to identify the difference between a child talking about using a knife to cut lettuce and using a knife to cause harm to self or others.

After setup, Bark will allow you to monitor social media activity as well as device activity (texts, photos, videos) for potential problems. If we detect an issue, we send you a snippet of the message or thing, along with recommended steps to help you handle the situation. We will send an alert for potential issues like bullying, suicidal ideation, self-harm, violence, sexual content, online predators, and more.

Our advanced monitoring system helps keep your children safe online (and in real life) without requiring you to spend countless hours reading every digital interaction your child has.

Other monitoring tools are built to either limit your child’s online activities or collect all your child’s data for you to review manually, placing the burden on you to comb through all the activities searching for potential issues. The other option you have is to physically take the phone and read through everything and/or spy on your child’s social media accounts, scanning for issues. 

Instead, Bark works in the background to alert you to potential issues. The harmless chatter that most children experience daily can remain private to your child while you can have peace of mind that you have a safety measure in place. This approach aims to make it easier to have the difficult but important conversations with your child as they grow up.