Add music to a Bark Phone

Your child can use the Bark Phone to listen to music and podcasts. Music streaming apps such as Spotify play music using an internet connection, but you can also import your own music and podcast files from your computer.

How to listen to music on a Bark Phone without internet

  1. Connect the Bark Phone to your computer using their charging cable.
  2. If you're prompted to allow your computer to access your phone data, tap Allow.
    allow access phone data
    Don't see this? It's okay, this window may not appear if you have connected this phone to your computer before.
  3. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
    swipe down from top of screen.png
  4. Tap on the notification from the Android system. It will say Tap for other USB options.
    usb for file transfer
  5. Tap the option for Transferring files.
    transfer files
  6. Open File Explorer (Windows) or Android File Transfer (Mac) and click on the Galaxy device to open it.

  7. If your kid has an SD card on the phone, click into SD card. Otherwise, click into Internal storage.
  8. Click on the folder you'd like to store music in.
  9. Drag and drop or copy and paste any audio files into the folder. Depending on how many files you are moving, it may take some time to transfer.
  10. Once the transfer has completed, unplug the phone.
  11. Your child can now play the music on their Bark Phone with the samsung my files.png My Files app!

How to stream music on a Bark Phone with internet

  1. On your parent app / dashboard, tap Bark Phone.
  2. Tap App Store.
  3. Enable the app store.
  4. On your kid's Bark Phone, swipe up to view their apps.
  5. Tap play store icon.png Play Store.
  6. Search for their favorite music streaming app (e.g. Spotify, Pandora) and download it.
  7. Follow the music streaming app's instructions for signing in and playing music.