Bark Phone Data Usage

Review service usage for your kid's Bark Phone

  1. Open up your Bark parent app / dashboard.
  2. Select the v menu (desktop) or ☰ More (mobile).
  3. Tap Account settings.
  4. Scroll down to Mobile Plans to view this month's data usage.
    An image depicting a bar that fills up with the amount of mobile data used by the kid this month within the plan. It says 'Data use resets on the 1st of each month' which may or may not align with their invoice date.
    (Data use resets on the 1st of each month)
  5. Tap Manage service to view more options and details. For example:
    • Tap Historical data usage to view usage in past months:
    • Tap Call/text logs to download a report with the dates, times, and numbers associated with both incoming and outgoing calls and texts. 
    • Tap Change plan to upgrade or downgrade your kid's Bark Phone data plan.

Enable Data Saver (optional)

Your kid’s Bark Phone is a Samsung that comes with built-in data saving features. Here’s how to set them up.

  1. On your parent app / dashboard, double check you've enabled the Settings app on your kid's Bark Phone.
  2. Now, on your kid's Bark Phone, open the ⚙ Settings app.
  3. Tap Connections.
  4. Tap Data usage.
    • Toggle on Data Saver.
    • If you'd like, you can also set a Billing cycle and data warning for the first day of each month.
    • Leave the "Limit mobile data usage" setting turned off. Doing so helps Bark continue to update the phone, even if your kid has used all of their plan's data for the month. 
bark_phone_data_usage_1.png bark_phone_data_usage_2.png bark_phone_data_usage_3.png

Using Bark cell service internationally

The Bark Phone's talk and text service is only available in the United States, not including U.S. territories. Learn more:

Traveling considerations