Block Text Messages

How to block texts on the Bark Phone

If your child has a Bark Phone, you can set up contact approval which blocks texts and calls from unapproved contacts. You can also block all texting if needed, or only allow it during certain times.

How to block texts on other devices

If you use the Bark app (and not the Bark Phone) we can’t block phone numbers, phone calls, or text messages (SMS/MMS) on regular Android and iOS devices. Consider the Bark Phone if you want more control over your child's phone.

Why is Bark blocking text messages on other devices?

  1. Did you pause the child?
    If you paused the internet on your child's device, this stops all internet-based communications, like Skype, Wi-Fi calling, or Wi-Fi messaging. Resume the internet with the click of a button! Changes may take a few minutes to take effect.
  2. Does your kid use the Messages by Google app?
    If they use the text message app called messages_logo_solo.png Messages by Google, try turning off chats in the app settings.
  3. Does your kid use the iMessage app?
    If the "Unidentifiable Traffic" or "App Store & System Updates" categories are blocked in Bark, they may be blocking iMessages on iPhones, iPads, or iPods. Try allowing those categories in your screen time rules.