Does the Bark Phone have expandable memory?

The Bark Phone supports adding a micro SD card to expand the internal memory of the phone up to 1TB.

Images and videos saved to the SD card will be monitored for worrisome content in addition to those saved to the phone storage.

What you need

  • sim_card_tray_removal_tool_ejector.png an ejector pin: you can purchase one online or find one in an old phone box (like from an iPhone or Android you purchased in the past).
  • micro_sd_card_example.webp a micro SD card: for best results, Samsung recommends using a class 10, UHS class 1, 3 or newer SD memory card.


  1. Turn off the Bark Phone. 
  2. Insert the ejector pin into the hole on the side of the phone, as seen here. A tray with the SIM card will pop open. Be careful not to drop and lose the SIM card accidentally. 
    Not popping open? You may be looking at the microphone hole instead of the SIM tray. Check the other sides of the phone.
  3. Look at the text on the tray to identify the SD card slot and SIM1 slot.
  4. Place the micro SD card in the SD slot of the tray with the gold-colored contacts facing down.
  5. Verify the SIM card remains in the SIM1 slot of the tray.
  6. Put the tray back into the device.
  7. Turn on the phone.
  8. That's it! 🎉
    Whether you're looking to store more family photos or wanting to download more apps and games, the Bark Phone will now have a lot more space for those things.

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