Can I use Google Family Link to supervise a Bark Phone™️?


When you compare Google Family Link's tools against Bark's, the Bark Phone™️ comes with more tools for managing the digital world as your child grows up.

As a result, because Bark is already supervising the phone, whenever you also try to layer Google Family Link on top, it will fail. Think of the Bark Phone as the car and Bark's tools as the driver. We can't have both Google and Bark being the driver!

Unable to Sign into Google Account on Google Play Store or Settings App

This can happen if you're signing into the Bark Phone with a supervised member of Google Family Link or if you're signing into it with a school-issued email account. You'll need to sign in with a "normal" Google Account instead.

To tell whether your child is using a school-issued email, you can usually tell by it ending in anything other than (e.g.

To verify whether your child's Google account in the Family Link group is a supervised member, log in with either the parent or child's Google account here on a browser:



If your child's Google Account is a regular member under Google Family Link, you can proceed with signing into the Bark Phone's Google Play Store without problem.

If your child's Google Account is a supervised member under Google Family Link, you can either...

a) stop supervision (if the child is over 13 years old) and sign into the Bark Phone again.

b) create a new Google Account for your child that is not supervised by Google Family Link. To make sure it's not supervised, you'll need to set the birthday to your parent birthday.

Changing Google Account on Bark Phone

If you find that you need to sign into the Bark Phone with a different Google account, here's what you'll do:

  1. Open the Settings app > tap on Accounts & Backup >Manage Accounts > you'll see the logged in Google accounts. You can sign out of a particular account here if needed.
  2. To sign into a new Google account on the Bark Phone, you can select ➕ Add account there > tap on Google. This will automatically sign in the Google Play Store with that account as well.


Error on Google Play: "Parental controls restrict downloading of this app"

If you encounter this message when attempting to install an app on your child's Android device, you may have forgotten you set parental controls for Google Play. Let's check!

Adjusting Google Play Parental Controls

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