Alert accuracy


How accurate are Bark alerts?

While no system is perfect, Bark's algorithm has been fine-tuned over 8 years — and is consistently getting better every day.

The power of Bark alerts

Bark stands out from other products by alerting parents and guardians to not only serious issues but also potentially life-threatening situations. Parents and guardians have shared testimonials about how Bark alerted them to texts containing expressions of suicidal thoughts or instances of their children communicating with sexual predators, enabling them to intervene in time.

Responding to an alert 

If you've received an alert and aren't sure what to do next, we have a parent response toolkit for tips and recommendations on how to handle the situation.

Mild alerts

If most alerts seem too mild, consider adjusting your alert sensitivity settings for your kids.

Alerts where no issue exists

If you suspect a false positive or are unsure about the issue in an alert, reach out to our support team for assistance.