Does Bark work if I have an iPhone and my child has an Android device?

Can I use Bark if my child uses a different device than me?

Yes! Bark works when you have an iPhone and your child has an Android device or vice versa. Check out this list for all the devices we can monitor: What Bark Monitors

With your Bark subscription, you can monitor an unlimited number of children and devices for the same affordable price!

Managing your Bark account:

You can use the Bark Parent / Guardian App or the Bark website to manage your children's alerts, devices, and more.

This includes adjusting notification settings, reviewing alerts, adding accounts and children to monitor, setting screen time & filtering rules, and more!

Get Started!

We have guides below to help you get started with your Bark account.


Need help or have additional questions?

We are happy to assist! Reach out to Bark Support, and we'll help every step of the way.


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