How to set up explicit image blocking

This feature deletes images with child nudity that are saved to the Bark Phone (like downloads, screenshots, and images taken from the camera). 

What's covered

Any child nudity image that is saved to the samsung my files app icon My Files app, samsung gallery app icon Gallery App, samsung camera app.png Camera app, or orange messages app icon Messages app of the Bark Phone will be deleted automatically. This includes images received via text message.

Videos and GIFs are not covered at this time, but we hope they will be in the future!

What your kid sees

When a child nudity image is saved to the device and deleted, your child will see a message letting them know.

If an explicit image of a child is received as a text, it is deleted and replaced in the conversation with a placeholder.

Picture of Messages app showing message that says attachments were blocked due to sensitive media detected Picture of Messages app showing blocked image placeholder in place of sensitive photo received

What you (the parent) sees

In your Bark parent app / dashboard, you'll receive an alert with a gray box in the place of where the image would've been. The image was completely deleted — no one has access to it. 


To set up this feature, you just need to set up a Bark Phone. If you already have a Bark Phone, make sure it's connected to the internet for important app updates.


If you get an alert about needing storage permission enabled, here's how to fix it to enable this feature.