Blended/Dual Households

In blended family and dual household situations, tackling digital safety together can have its challenges. Below are some tips on how you can set up Bark to work best for whatever your situation may be.

Bark recommends using a shared Bark account email

For security reasons, a Bark account can only be accessed with the accountholder's email and password. If you are co-parenting, you may wish to create a shared email and password that both you and the other parent have access to.

How to set up a free shared email

  1. Find an email provider (like Gmail).
  2. Create an email account (e.g.
  3. Share the login info and password with each other.
  4. Then, log in to your existing Bark account.
  5. Tap on ☰ More (mobile) or v menu (desktop).
  6. Tap Account.
  7. Update the email to match your new shared email address (e.g.
  8. (Optional) update the password to one both parents know.
  9. Tap on ☰ More (mobile) or v menu (desktop) again.
  10. Tap Alert Settings.
  11. Enter in your personal parent phone numbers and/or emails (e.g., You will still receive alerts to your personal emails and phone numbers this way, but now sign into Bark with a shared login.

Blocking apps and sites across households

Install the Bark Kids app on your kid's devices to block apps and sites no matter what location they're in.

Monitoring connected accounts across households

Once you connect your kid's email and social media accounts to Bark with their login credentials, we'll scan their accounts no matter where they are.

Monitoring iPhones and iPads across households

iOS monitoring requires the help of the Bark Desktop App or the Bark Home to scan your kid's iPhone and iPad text messages, photos, and videos.

To prevent a gap in iOS monitoring, check out our tips below:

Both homes have Windows or Mac computers

1. Follow our iOS setup instructions to install the Bark Desktop App on at least one computer in each home.

2. Keep it running in the background while your kid is at each house. Make sure the computer stays on and awake.

3. Remind your kid to connect to the Wi-Fi while at home.

Both homes have a Bark Home

1. Follow our Bark Home iOS setup instructions in each home.

2. Remind your kid to connect to the home Wi-Fi.

3. (Optional) Plug in your kid's iPhone or iPad into the Bark Home overnight to charge the battery.

Don't have Windows or Mac computer


Don't have a Bark Home

Consider purchasing a Bark Home device in the home(s) without computers. It can be used in place of a computer to monitor iOS texts, photos, and videos.

Bark Support is also happy to discuss your options if you need more help.