Adjust radius of a location

Bark uses the standard radius set by Google for addresses — but this may not always always reflect the actual size or boundaries of some places, like large school campuses.

Fortunately, you can adjust the pin and radius slider when adding a location in Bark:

  1. Open up your parent app / dashboard.
  2. Tap the location-dot-solid.svg Map (mobile) or Family Map (desktop).
  3. If on mobile, tap the gray bar. If on desktop, skip this step.
    tap this gray bar if viewing family map on mobile.png
  4. Tap Manage locations.
  5. Tap + Add new location.
  6. Enter in the address you'd like to be alerted to.
  7. Enter in the nickname.
  8. Drag the pin and/or radius slider to fine-tune the location:
  9. (optional) Click on the location to set what kids will send you a push notification for that place:
    Green location pin with an apple inside it. John Malcom Elementary School is the text to the right of it. Under that are a Map button, Delete button, and an Edit button. Beneath that is text that says Send me alerts for... and a list of the example kids. Each kid has a toggle next to their name and profile picture that is turned on, indicating the user will get location alerts whenever those children enter or depart that place.
  10. Changes will take a few minutes to take effect.
    💡 Tip: You can speed that along by asking your child to tap the check-in button in their Bark Kids app.