How to find alerts using filters

You can use the sorting filters at the top of your Alerts page to sort alerts by different categories — including by child, platform, reviewed, unreviewed, and more.

Needs review vs. reviewed

The two most useful filters for alerts are Needs Review and Reviewed — in other words, whether you’ve seen them or not.

When someone views a specific alert, it is marked as "read" and will show up under the Reviewed view.

Pro Tip: If a co-parent is also receiving alerts, they may review an issue before you do. Double-check the Reviewed issues from time to time to make sure you don't miss any alerts.

Show all filters

Click Show all filters to see all the ways you can sort alerts.


Sort alerts by type of issue — violence, cyberbullying, sexual content, etc.


Sort by child or home profile.


Sort by issues found on different platforms — Android, Instagram, etc.


Think of this like a "bookmark" function. If you clicked Save for later on an alert, this is where you'll find it.

exclamation.svg Severe

Sort by how dangerous alerts are — severe and not severe.