Manage Texting for the Bark Phone

Block or Allow Texting

To manage your child's current texting settings from your dashboard, tap the Bark Phone tile and then Text.


A blocked text app results in...

  • The orange_messages_app.png Messages app becoming greyed out and inaccessible.
  • No notifications for new text messages.

Set Time Limits on Texting

There are two ways to accomplish this:

Delete Texts

By default, texts they send or receive cannot be deleted on the Messages app, though you can change that setting at any time.

Things to note:

  • This setting is not impacted by the schedules you set.
  • If they download a third-party texting app, they may be able to delete texts outside of your intended rules — consider enabling App Approval to prevent that from happening!


Need help?

Check out our guide:

Troubleshooting the Texting App