Bark Phone Rule Changes Are Taking a Long Time

If you've adjusted a rule and it’s not taking effect on your kid’s device, there are couple of reasons this may be happening:

  • The Bark Phone has a poor internet connection
    If the cellular service or Wi-Fi connection is spotty, it can take longer than normal to receive the app approval request, for example.
  • Bark permissions were disconnected
    If an important setting is disabled, this may affect Bark's ability to apply a new rule to the phone. You can fix this by following this guide.
  • Your account time zone is incorrect
    Double-check you've set your time zone in your account settings.
  • The Bark Phone time is incorrect
    If the phone has the wrong time, it may think it’s in a different time zone. Here’s how to fix it.
    • On your child's phone, open Settings > tap General Management > tap Date and Time > enable Set Time Zone based on Location.