Router Limits

Bark Technologies acquired Router Limits in 2020. The Router Limits app and site stopped being supported on March 31, 2023.

The good news is that Bark now provides updated software to accomplish your screen time goals with the Bark Home.

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Since I already have a Router Limits account, do I log into Bark with that same information?

Bark and Router Limits accounts are in separate systems, so you'll need to sign up for a Bark account. The good news is, we have our special promotion for Router Limits users.

What do I do with the Router Limits Mini?

You can unplug it and recycle it. 

Check out our special promotion for Router Limits users! The Bark Home is a successor to the Router Limits Mini. Bark Home supports high speeds of 1Gbps — an upgrade from the 100Mbps that the Router Limits Mini supported.

Do all routers with Router Limits built-in now have Bark built-in?

No, but we're continuously working with router manufacturers and ISPs to bring you more router options that have Bark built-in:

Check whether your router has Bark built-in.

What do I do with my Router Limits router?

Router Limits will stop filtering your network at the end of March 2023. You can continue using it as a regular router. If you run into performance issues, turn off Router Limits inside of your router settings* and restart your router again.

To protect your network again, consider using the Bark Home or a router with Bark built-in:

In-Home Filtering with Bark

*RL-150 / RL-160 users will no longer be able to access their router settings.

How does Bark compare to Router Limits?

Bark's screen time and web filtering features are comparable to Router Limits:

In-Home Filtering with Bark

With Bark Premium, you can also take advantage of our monitoring features, which go beyond web filtering.

Learn more about how Bark has developed different technologies to deliver a comprehensive digital safety experience for your kids: