Important Bark Phone Setting Has Been Disabled

The Bark Phone is our all-in-one solution that comes with protections against tampering.

In the rare event that we detect an important setting has been changed, Bark will...

  • Disable all non-essential apps on the phone.
  • Block all internet access until the settings are fixed.
  • Let your child know the settings need to be fixed before they can access other apps again.

How to Fix

  1. On your parent device, log in to your Bark account.
  2. Tap the v menu or ≡ More menu.
  3. Tap Get a device code. You may need this later.
  4. On your child's Bark Phone, open the Bark_Dog_Small_BLue__1_.svg Guard Dog app to review the status of important settings.
  5. If applicable, tap on Open Bark or on Fix.
  6. Then, open the bark_kids.png Bark for Kids app.
    • Allow any permissions prompted, like Accessibility.
    • Tap Check In.
  7. Next, make sure you're only using the Bark SIM card:
    • On your kid's phone, open Settings.
    • Tap Connections.
    • Tap SIM manager.
    • It should list one single SIM card, along with your kid's phone number and "Bark" underneath. If there are two SIM cards, or a SIM card that isn't the Bark one, that explains the issue. Find the Bark SIM card and insert it into the SIM1 slot. If you need help with this, reach out to us.
  8. Restart the Bark Phone. It may take a few minutes for your changes to take effect.
  9. That's it! 🎉 

No luck? 🤔

If you're still seeing all apps grayed out after some time has passed, then check out our other troubleshooting solutions.