Error: Kid was asked to enter their passcode and we're still waiting

iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches that are on iOS 15.7.1+ or iOS 16.1+, will require users to enter the lock screen passcode multiple times in the iOS monitoring process. This is due to Apple's security updates in those iOS versions.

cropped new iOS lockscreen passcode under progress.png

Your Options

A) Remind kids to enter the lock screen password when prompted. 


✅ Device stays secure from strangers.

✅ You'll know each time Bark analyzes the device.


❌ Your kid may miss a notification to enter their passcode.

❌ They may refuse to enter their passcode.

❌ Depending on their auto-lock settings, your kid may have to enter their passcode often.



✅ Bark will analyze the device automatically every time.

✅ Analyses happen more frequently (like during the night).


❌ Not having a device passcode leaves the phone vulnerable if lost or stolen.

Sending Apple Feedback

As a parent or guardian, you deserve to protect your child the way you feel is best. Let Apple know their recent update is hampering you.

In the comment section of their feedback page, copy and paste this message:

"Hi! I'm a parent who uses Bark to monitor my child's iOS device. Requiring them to enter their passcode every time we run Bark hinders my ability to get alerts for potential dangers like suicidal ideation, bullying, online predators, and more.

Please consider making this an opt-in feature for families."