My kid got a new phone, tablet, or computer

If your child has received a new phone, tablet, or computer, you will need to do a bit of setup on the new device to make sure it's still covered by Bark. 

Child got a new number? If your child got a new phone number but still uses the same device, no action is needed. Bark doesn't use phone numbers for monitoring, so your child's existing device will continue to be monitored.
  1. On your kid's old device, uninstall Bark. If it was lost or stolen, you can skip this step.
  2. On your parent app / dashboard, delete the device.
  3. Add your kid's new device to Bark by following this guide.
  4. If you also use bark home icon.png the Bark Home on your home Wi-Fi, make sure your kid's new device is set up correctly with this guide.
  5. That's it! 🎉