Update the Bark Desktop App (Windows)


Bark is committed to constantly adding new features and ways to make monitoring your children's devices easier, so we periodically send out updates for our Bark Desktop App used to monitor iOS devices.

Follow the steps below to update your Bark Desktop App:

STEP 1: Open the Bark Desktop App. If it is not already open, click on the shortcut on your Desktop/Home screen, or click the Windows icon on the bottom left and find the Bark Desktop App in the list.

STEP 2: Navigate to the bottom right of your screen to find an upwards arrow icon ^

STEP 3: After left-clicking on that arrow icon, right-click on the Bark icon.

STEP 4: Click on Help on the menu that appears, and then click on Check for Updates

STEP 5: You will see a window pop-up letting you know if an update is available. If it's available, click Download Update. Bark will shut down and re-open once the update is complete.

STEP 6: After it completes, restart your computer.

NOTE: If Bark won't update after clicking on Download Update, use this link to install the latest version of Bark for Windows: Download Bark Desktop App (Windows)

STEP 7: If you try these same steps again, you should now see that you're on the latest version:


Need additional assistance?

No worries, we're here for you! Don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to assist.