Accessibility Disabled in Amazon Fire

The Bark Kids app needs Accessibility enabled in your kid's Amazon Fire settings to be fully set up.

Quick Alternative

Quick Steps

  1. On your kid's Amazon Fire tablet, open the bark kids app.png Bark Kids app.
  2. Tap Open Settings when prompted to enable Accessibility: accessibility-normal (2).png
  3. Under Services, tap Bark and turn it on.
  4. Open the bark kids app.png Bark Kids app again.
  5. Tap ⚙️ Settings:
  6. Tap Test Monitoring.

That's it! 🎉

Monitoring should have resumed. Double check by doing the following...

  1. Open up your parent app / dashboard.
  2. Tap your kid's avatar at the top.
  3. Tap Monitoring.
  4. Look for a green checkmark under their Amazon Fire tablet: mceclip0.png