Reviewing alerts

When does Bark send an alert?

If Bark finds a potential issue in your child's online activities, you and your notification contacts will receive an email, text, or app alert along with a snippet of the conversation or media for your review.

Note Bark alerts are not sent in real time. It may take some time to receive notifications as we analyze context, not just keywords.

We also include tips on how to handle the situation.

alert example 3.png

Review Alerts via Email

Email notifications look like this. Click on Review alerts to log in and check on the alert. 

alert email.png

Note When we email contacts about alerts, they will need to log in with the main Bark account's email and password to finish reviewing the alert. This is because of our security policies.

Review Alerts via App

If you've downloaded the app for parents on your Android or iOS device, push notifications look like this. Tap on the notification to check on the alert. 


Review Alerts via Text

If you've set up text notifications, text alerts look like this. Tap on the link to log in and check on the alert. 

Bark alert: You have an alert to review for [Your Children]. 
Please review: [link to alert]