Accessibility Disabled in Android

The Bark Kids app needs Accessibility enabled in your kid's settings to be fully set up.

Quick Alternative

Quick Steps

  1. Open the bark kids app.png Bark Kids app on your kid's Android or Bark Phone.
  2. Tap Open Settings when asked to enable Accessibility: accessibility-normal (2).png
  3. Under Services, Installed Services, or Installed Apps, tap Bark and turn it on:
    accessibility bark.png
    Getting an error?
    Devices with Android 13+ will need to do it this way: Open the Settings app > Apps > Bark > three dot menu on top right > tap on Allow restricted settings. Then, open the Settings app again > Accessibility > turn on Bark.
  4. Open the bark kids app.png Bark Kids app again.
  5. Tap ⚙️ Settings:
    On the Bark Jr subscription?
    You can skip this step!
  6. Tap Test Monitoring.


That's it!  🎉

Monitoring should have resumed. Here's how to check it:

  1. Open up your parent app / dashboard.
  2. Tap on your kid's avatar at the top.
  3. Tap Monitoring.
  4. Look for a green checkmark under their Android:mceclip0.png

Accessibility continues to get disabled

There's a few reasons that could be happening. Let's get it fixed up!

Ensure accessibility remains enabled

Need more help?

Check out our Android Troubleshooting Guide