Calibrate Location

Check-Ins and location alerts are two of Bark's location features. Both require the Bark Kids app to be installed on the child's Android or iOS device.

We use the GPS inside of your child's device along with the help of Google Maps to send you your child's location when the child checks in or when they arrive/depart a set location. 

Troubleshooting Location Features

Bark's location features rely on the accuracy of the device's GPS chip. There are a number of variables that can temporarily throw off the GPS on your child's device, leading to a check-in or location alert that seems to be slightly off from the child's true location.

For detailed instructions on calibrating the location services of your child's device, select the device your child uses below:

bark phone icon.png  Bark Phone™

android icon.svg  Other Androids

Ios  iOS (Apple)



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