Bark Phone won't automatically connect to Wi-Fi

Here's how to make your kid's Bark Phone connect to your home Wi-Fi network automatically:

  1. On your kid's Bark Phone, open the ⚙ Settings app.
  2. Tap Connections and then on Wi-Fi.
  3. Tap on the ⚙ Settings near your home Wi-Fi network name.
  4. Turn on Auto-reconnect.
    WiFi samsung auto reconnect enabled.png
  5. That's it! Now the phone will automatically reconnect to this network whenever it's in range and the Wi-Fi setting is enabled.

Optional: Use location to turn Wi-Fi on or off automatically

  1. On your kid's Bark Phone, open the ⚙ Settings app.
  2. Tap Location.
  3. Tap Location services.
  4. Turn on Wi-Fi scanning.
  5. Turn on Bluetooth scanning.
  6. Then, tap < back a few times to reach the home page of the ⚙ Settings app.
  7. Tap Connections and then on Wi-Fi.
  8. At the top, tap the ⋮ three-dot menu.
  9. Tap Advanced or Intelligent Wi-Fi.
  10. Enable Turn Wi-Fi on/off automatically.
  11. Add the Wi-Fi network(s) you frequently use. It may take a few days for the phone to learn them.
    bark phone turn wifi on or off automatically setting.jpg

That's it! This lets your kid's Bark Phone automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks it knows when they're near them. However, this may not work if your kid manually turned off Wi-Fi near a known network, or if your kid enabled Airplane Mode.