Bark Kids App Data Usage on iOS and Android

Data requirements

The bark kids app.png Bark Kids app requires an internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) for regular updates on both iOS and Android devices. 

Understanding high data usage

Noticed that the Bark Kids app seems to be using a lot of data on your child's phone? This is because the Bark Kids VPN, which is in charge of managing screen time and website access, monitors all the apps and websites your child engages with. Bark itself doesn't consume much data. It's actually checking the activity from other apps and websites. So, the high data usage you're seeing likely comes from those apps, not Bark.

Special note for Bark Phone users

If your child is using a Bark Phone, we've got you covered for talk, text, and data. The data Bark uses for its essential functions won’t count against your monthly plan, giving you one less thing to worry about!

Special note for Android users

Want to prevent Bark from using any mobile data at all on your kid's Android? While it's not recommended (since it'll sync up your kid's activity with Bark only when on Wi-Fi), we completely understand there are special circumstances for every family. You can turn off a mobile data setting in the Bark Kids app with these steps.